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On the Sacrament of the Ecclesia

The Ecclesia Theurgica Apostolica Rosae+Crucis work with the following seven sacraments: The holy Eucharist, ordination, baptism, confirmation or chrism, absolution, the alchemical wedding, and requiem or extreme unction. 

Of these sacraments are only the baptism and requiem given unto members of the minor orders. The other sacraments are reserved for the members of the ordines major. 

The Eucharist 

The Minor Order of  ETAR+C  rely upon the Eucharist of Osiris. No other mass than this is required in the Minor Orders. Through that sacrament do we take part in the mysteries of the slain and risen God. In the ordination of Accolitus is the Eucharist of Osiris reinterpreted by theosophic concepts, and from now on understood from a Christian point of view. The Eucharistic Rite exposed in the ordination of Accolitus is the foundation of the Mass of the Major Orders of the ETAR+C. We acknowledge the Eucharist to be the Supreme Rite of Theurgy, and therefore also a ritual of creation and re-creation. In the Holy Eucharist do we celebrate the Living Mysteries of the Universe. In this Eucharist do we take part in the resurrected Christ. 


We do not acknowledge the Minor Orders as part of the sacrament of ordination, but rather as preparation for this sacrament. The sacrament of ordination is limited to the ordination of Deacon and Priest and the consecration of Bishop. When a person receive the sacrament of ordination does s/he swear an oath to perpetuate the Wisdom of the Ecclesia Theurgica Apostolica Rosae+Crucis by the means of the Christian sacraments and teachings to coming generations for the rest of his or her life. 


The sacrament of baptism is offered to all members of any esoteric tradition.  In the sacrament of baptism are the candidate slain and risen in Christ by water. Unless if s/he has not already been baptised in another congregation. 


Prior to received any Major Ordination the Sacrament of Chrism must be received. The covenant made with Christ in baptism is here sealed by the Holy Spirit. This is a chrism by fire and oil. Unless s/he has already received an esoteric confirmation elsewhere. Chrism can be given as a part of the ordination to deacon. 


The sacrament of absolution in ETAR+C takes a more esoteric meaning of liberation. Here does the candidate swear an oath to find his own path and no more to rely upon the teachings of others. 

Alchemical Wedding 

This sacrament is reserved for those who are about to end their work in the Lesser Mysteries and are ready for or have experience the One and and Unfathomable Mystery. In this sacrament does the candidate claim his or her Divine heritage and places him- or herself before the aeons. Here is Man made One, and s/he swears an oath to be a prophet of that Greatest Mystery which s/he has found in his or her heart. 


The sacrament of requiem is open to all members regardless of their rank in Ecclesia Theurgica Apostolica Rosae+Crucis.  When a member has passed away do we celebrate his or her life as a sacrifice unto God, and our clergy do what is in their power to bring the deceased to spiritual enlightenment and peace in the afterlife. Here do we evoke the essence of the deceased and seek to unfold that innermost Mystery as a rose reaching forth towards the Sun. Amen. 

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