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Credo de Homine

These are the articles of faith upon which the Ecclesia Theurgica Apostolica Rosae+Crucis is founded: 

We believe in One and Unfathomable Divinity; The Eternal and Secret Fire, dual in appearance, threefold in manifestation. 

We believe in one Divine revelation whose name is Sophia. 

We believe Man to be the fundamental Mystery by which all is measured. 

We believe that the nature of Man is Divine. 

We believe that Man possesses a God-given free and Holy Will. 

We believe that Man is in essence immortal and master of his or her destiny. No powers celestial or infernal are put above Man to limit this freedom. 

An important consequence of this belief is: Man has an absolute responsibility for his or her actions. 

We believe that all men and women, regardless of their own understanding, are always in the very centre of the Divine Mysteries. 

We believe that the Spiritual goal of Man is only a change of perspective of what his or her position in the Universe is. 


We believe that without Man, or a similar being, the Universe would be without meaning. 


We believe that these articles of faith concern all human beings. No man is in a position to judge another; we must fall judgement on ourselves. 


Amen, amen, amen! 

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