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Concerning who can receive Ordinations

Our Ecclesia is divided in two, the first is the Ordines Minor and the other the Ordines Major - or the Lesser and Greater Ordinations. The Lesser Ordinations explore the mysteries of the microcosmos – that is the nature of Man. They are five in number, corresponding to the four elements in addition to that of spirit, and they are called: Cleric, Doorkeeper, Reader, Exorcist and Acolyte. The Greater Ordinations study the nature of the macrocosmos – the greater world, and the Mystery of Hidden Light and Life penetrating the universe and man. There are three Greater Ordinations and these are Deacon, Priest and Bishop. All our secrets are explained to those who have been ordained Priests of our Inner Sanctuary. The office of Bishop is administrative both regarding the lineage and the outer manifestation of our Ecclesia. 

Both men and women can receive all ordinations of the Ecclesia Theurgica Apostolica Rosae+Crucis on equal terms. 

The minor ordinations are given can be given after request of members of any initiated tradition that falls in line with he focus of ETAR+C.  A prospect must meet the local clergy, reinterviewed and be invited for ordination. The Minor Ordinations are as follows: Clericus, Ostiarius, Lector, Exorcista, Accolitus. 

invitation to the Major Ordinations are given on request after a member has complete the pre-requiset studies and found proficient, and after s/he has undertaken the proper preparations given to he or she after the application has been accepted.

Exceptions to this rule can be done if the Bishop in charge sees a need to install a Deacon or Priest in an area. 

The Major Ordination will be solely reserved for the members of the Inner Circle. If a bishop sees a great need to ordain a person who is not a member of the Inner Circle of our Ecclesia to the Major Orders of either ETAR+C or TAR+C, this can be done if the majority of the Episcopal Counsel gives its approval. 

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