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The Hierarchy of the Ecclesia

The Ecclesia Theurgica Apostolica Rosae+Crucis is under the government of the Episcopal Counsel. 


All ordained bishops of the ecclesia are members of the Episcopal Counsel. 

All Bishops of the ecclesia are of equal right and privilege. 

No change can be done in the ordinations unless this has been accepted by the majority of the Episcopal Counsel. 

The ordinations are divided in two categories: the Major Orders and the Minor Orders. 

The major orders are: Bishop, Priest and Deacon. 

The minor orders are: Accolitus, Axorcista, Lector, Ostiarius and Clericus. 

Each Priest and Deacon answers to the Bishop who has ordained him or her unless other arrangements have been made. 

Members of the Minor Orders should be tutored by his or her Initiating Priest or Bishop. If a member has a distant membership s/he should either arrange a tutorship with the Priest in the closest operative Temple or with the Priest or Bishop who ordained him or her. 

We encourage members to discuss the work of the Ecclesia Theurgica Apostolica Rosae+Crucis with  other members of the ecclesia. 

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