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Holy Sophia

The Loss of the Princess

Once there was a King. The King had six sons and one daughter. The daughter was extremely important to him and he cherished her and enjoyed her company very much. Once on a certain day when he was with her, he became enraged with her and from his mouth slipped the sentence: “May the Not-Good take you away.” That night she went to her room, and in the morning no one knew where she was. Her father, the King, grieved deeply and he sent here and there searching for her. 


Then the Viceroy, seeing that the King was so deeply grieved, rose and requested that a servant, a horse, and money be given to him. And he set out to search for her. 


In his search the Viceroy faced perils and tests, and saw many strange things until he at last, after failing to save her several times, came to a city beyond the place called “The Not Good”. He bribed his way into this final city and spent many a day there employing intelligence and wisdom to free the Princess. 


And finally the Viceroy found and freed the Princess, but how he did this is a great mystery which cannot be uttered by mere words. 

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