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The Divine Work

Theurgy is the “Divine work”; the ceremonial/magical art of manipulating and manifesting that which is Divine so that the soul and the world in general shall be regenerated and made Holy and undivided. Theurgy is the active aspect of mysticism and we can define these two terms in this manner: Mysticism is the art of entering into the Holy Silence so that all but Divinity is extinguished; the result being the illumination of the soul. Theurgy is the art of either drawing down the Divine Worlds or ascending through invocations to Divinity, the result, also, being the illumination of the soul.


It is of grave importance that it is understood that the ETAR+C combines the Mystical and the Theurgical paths to illumination. We seek firstly to ascend to Heaven and unite, as it is explained in the tablet of Hermes, and from there to transform the earth into that which we have experienced – this is the Great Work - as the Christ exemplified being the Sun of the micro- and macrocosmos. To unite these techniques, one must find an inner equilibrium between Love and Will, or else the work shall not be Divine, but infernal in every sense of the word. 

If the whole of the ETAR+C could be summarized in one phrase it would be “the study of the Holy Silence, or Har-Par-Krat”. Therefore the path that lies closest to the core of its tradition is the mystical, yet we manifest through theurgy, and since mysticism is Silence, only the active part of our work is reflected in the name of our ecclesia. 

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