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Ecclesia Theurgica Apostolica Rosae XCrucis

An Ecclesia of Initiates
Visita Interiora Terra Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem!

Ecclesia Theurgica Apostolica Rosae + Crucis (ETAR+C) literary means the Theurgical and Apostolic Church of the Rose Cross. Its higher ordinations are those of the Theosophia Apostolica Rosae Crucis of 1796 – that is the Apostolic Theosophy of the Rose Cross – an old Rosicrucian church. The ETAR+C is the Silent Chamber within our Rosicrucian body , and it perpetuates the core of the Rosicrucian tradition, both mystical and theurgical.

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O Lord, from Thine Hand cometh all Good, all Grace and all Blessing; 

The characters of Nature hast Thou traced with Thy fingers; 

But none can read them unless he hath been taught in Thy school. 

O Lord our God, who shalt not extol Thee? 

O Lord of the Universe, Who should not praise Thee? 

O Lord, Who shalt not know Thee? 

All is from Thee; 

All is of Thee; 

Into Thee must all again re-enter! 

Thou art Lord alone and there is none beside Thee! 

O Lord of the Universe, whose dwelling is Heaven without, 

whose Temple is the Heart within! 

O God the Vast and the Mighty One, 

Thou art in all things, and all things art in Thee! 

O Thou Self of Nothing! 

For what else can I call Thee? 

In myself I am nothing but Self; 

In Thee I am the Self of Nothing. 

Live Thou in me and bring me to that Self which is in Thee! 

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